An efficient way to solve problems


The five steps of the design thinking

Different optimization algorithms you should know

1. Code Demo


Everything you need to know in Python for data science

Introduction of cGANs, pix2pix, and Cycle GANs

Conditional GANs (cGANs)

The structure of cGANs from the original paper from the original paper

Intuition and objective function of GANs

To be a data scientist.

An important question for your first data science-related job

emotional chatbot

Part 2: dialogue system by deep learning and reinforcement learning

Prerequisites in deep learning

Hands-on Tutorials

Part 1: BERT sentiment predictor

To be a data scientist.

How I become a data scientist?


Jay Hui

Data Scientist|Fintech|Machine Learning|AI|Deep learning|NLP| From Math to Data Science

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